The Trento area is the ideal place to spend relaxing days on the green meadows or stroll along the several trails of the surrounding valleys. On the lakes of Toblino and Santa Massenza you can admire picturesque sceneries from the promenade and observe the Toblino Castle that overlooks the lake between reeds and lacustrine creatures. Photography lovers will also find great spots to take pictures of flowers, animals and fantastic views.






Starting from the hotel Miralaghi you take the path along the lake and you arrive in 15 min to Toblino Castle.  In front of this Castle your trip begins. The path Toblino - Ranzo constituted a mandatory path for the people from the Giudicarie Valley that from Stenico and San Lorenzo in Banale came to Ranzo. This is a beautiful path along a Roman Road made on a previous prehistoric track, along the path of Saint Vigilio ( San Vili). Along the route through woods of deciduous andconiferous trees and intensively cultivated meadows, there are small rustic renovated houses and huts of hunters. Along the whole route you can enjoy the enchanting panorama on the Lakes Valley. Lenght: 3 km. Difficulty: easy. Difference: 491 m.




The equipped path starts in Vezzano, 2 km far from the hotel Miralaghi in the direction towards Trento, approximately at the police station, and it is characterized by an erosion process of geological importance. Along the route, there are also deep natural caves, carved into the rock, known as "giants’ potholes". Lenght: 3,5 km. Max vertical Drop: 230 m.  Duration: 1 hour and a half. Crossroads with others marked trails: S.A.T. n° 618 for Lagolo. From this path it's possible to arrive to Padergnone or Calavino.




The itinerary of the Calavino'Roggia is one which the Ecomuseo wants admid cultural and nature. It begin in the back side of Giardino delle Spezie Parking near the fish breading.  You cross along this pathway and you follow the direction until Calavino. Here round on the right side and arrive to the  old Church of S.S. Mauro, Grato & Giacomo. Here begin an other pathwaywhich come back to the sStart place. 3,6 KM.

roggia calavino



It's a very interesting trip where colture and istory blend and create a sense of Valley's identity. It begin in the Cavedine's Church's square and go up along a pathwayin which you follow thew directino "Fontana Romana" (Roman Spring). Here you find a old stone Spring which meaded for the waters channeling. The puth goes on and you could see the Assunta's Shrine and than the Cosina an other Archeo - Place whose name suggests to a place where the people enter for warmt and coking. The last Stop to this path is the Chair of Devil a rocky bloc which reports a funeral incision from imperial age.

Fontana romana Cavedine



It's a path from the great naturalistic value. This path exploiting the ancient roads connects the 7 hamlets of the former municipality of Vezzano, to the discover of  local flora and fauna. The number - shaped footprint "7" which also draws  the steps, is the symbol of the itinerary, which will accompany the hiker along the path signposted; boards with map are also show in the countries and in some place along the route.  The itinerary could be interpreted as a large ring in which are connected all 7 countries.



L'Orrido di Ponte Alto

Only 30 minuts wait from Albergo Miralaghi, in Cognola direction, there is a beautiful natural location which look like an incredible natural's play. Since 1800 the gorge near Ponte Alto has fascinated the inhabitants and visitors of the city of Trento. The ravine is a deep Canyon dug by the tumultuos waters of the Fersina streanìm over thousand of years. A very nice & interesting location which give a very big emotion to the visitors.

Orrido di Ponte Alto


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